Learning More About Making Greek Yogurt

For yogurt lovers experimenting with yogurt is one thing that they always are determined to do and one can’t go wrong with Greek Yogurt. For this kind of yogurt it’s all about getting the process right.  Some of these processes are pretty simple you just need to get the stages right.  The one thing that we have in store for you as the reader is a guide that will help you end up with the best Greek Yogurt ever as the steps here are pretty simple.  Here is what you need to know if you are wondering how do you make Greek yogurt.

Milk is the number one ingredient in making yogurt hence have as much as you can but also this is dependent on the amount of yogurt that you are looking at.  Measuring cups play a big role in the yogurt making process hence the need to ensure that you have around four of the cups.  Part of the Greek Yogurt making process involves straining and the one thing that has proven to work well for those without a Greek Yogurt strainer is an old tee shirt.  Also never forget to have a source pan and a whisk.  Another tip that can always work for you is doing some research on Greek Yogurt, there are various blogs and chefs that have recipes that can help you on their posts.  Learn about the cuisinart cym-100 now.

The one thing that you need to ensure is done is having milk that is pasteurized since this the very first step towards you making your Greek Yogurt.  Add powdered milk and whisk.  Hot Milk can’t be used to make Greek Yogurt  hence ensure that it cools down as much as possible.  Bacteria is among the ingredients of Greek Yoghurt and here is where your live culture yogurt comes in.  The mixture needs to be brought to 118 degrees and how this is done is by preparing the oven by turning on light and then off after a few minutes but to be certain that your mixture remains above 115 degrees is ensuring that you wrap something like a towel on the measuring cup to ensure the temperature is maintained.  For this type of yogurt, timing is key and for this reason always ensure that the time doesn’t go past 12 hours but also ensure that you ensure that the temperature is kept not above 118 degrees. 

Before you remove the yogurt from the oven always ensure that you have established whether it’s ready.  For close to four hours, by using a bowl placed in a refrigerator with an old tee tightly tied to it as a strainer, hold the yogurt over the strainer and ensure that it strains for close to four hours. At the end of the four hours you can now lay back and have the time of your life.  Here is an alternative post:  https://www.encyclopedia.com/sports-and-everyday-life/food-and-drink/food-and-cooking/yogurt.